Will Boyd

Web Design

Church websites are no longer simply billboards to attract people to Sunday services or bulletin boards to let the members know what is going on. For the modern congregation, the website is truly the doorway to the church. Before a visitor ever decides to set foot on your church’s campus, they spend time getting to know your congregation via your website. Knowing this, churches rightly want to provide the best web experience possible to their visitors. But, why should this vital ministry be simply farmed out to a third party? 3 Story Church believes it doesn't have to be.

By coming along side the church as a coach, partner, and technological facilitator, the 3 Story Church approach empowers the congregation to create a faithful website that is as much a vital ministry of the church as the choir, Sunday school, or outreach. Contact us to find out just how 3 Story Church might help you create a website ministry through:

  • a custom interface that anyone can maintain and update
  • a content strategy that helps you make sure your content is as effective as possible
  • a custom design that accurately and positively communicates your church's identity and mission
  • a design process that engages your team and empowers them to fully participate in the web ministry.