Whether it is web design, social media strategy, or video production, all of 3 Story Church's services are focused on one thing: empowering your church or organization to more fully live out its mission. Communications are more effective and more sustainable when they are organic and faithful to the community that they represent. All of 3 Story Church's process are designed with this in mind.

web design

Web Design

Simply having a website is no longer enough for a church or organization. Let 3 Story Church create a custom, easy-to-use solution for you that enables you to tell your story and connect with visitors in a way that keeps them coming back.

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social media

Social Media

From podcasting to Facebook to Twitter and beyond, social media is vital to reaching new people with your church or organization's message. 3 Story Church can help you navigate these new waters like a pro through strategy and coaching.

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When it comes to telling an engaging story, there's nothing quite as powerful as video. Utilizing professional production processes and digital storytelling techniques, 3 Story Church can help you create timeless videos that engage in ways never before possible.

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